Pretty Green Eyes

Yes, I have named this post after that catchy dance song by Ultrabeat from the Noughties – it kinda came into my head whilst I was doing the eye-shadow for this look and thought it was quite fitting.

Anyway… the makeup! Green is such a great eyeshadow colour for brown eyes. If you have hazel coloured eyes like me, it helps the green in your iris stand out more. I love that green eyeshadow has that earthy look about it which can still look bold and glam. I think it works so well with dark coloured eyes as brown is a neutral colour and the contrast between the green and the brown really makes the eyes look pretty.


1. As many of you know, the first step when applying eyeshadow is picking a transition shade and blending it into the crease. For this, I used the shade Silk Creme from my Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette. This is such a gorgeous light beige colour and makes a great transition shade (Find my review on the palette here).

2. Next, the shade MT130 (which is a teal/ medium green colour) from my Zoeva Matte Spectrum Palette was blended along the crease which will helps intensify the green shades in this area.

3. The shade Enchanted, a dark green/ charcoal colour from the M x JH Palette, was also applied to the crease to darken the makeup.

4. I then cut my crease using the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer Wand in Beige and my Real Techniques Detailer Brush. The shade Diva, which is the stunning sparkly dark green colour, was applied to the cut crease; I used my fingertip to apply the shadow to most of the lid and then used a brush for the edges.

5. A little bit of Abyss, which is the black shade, was blended into the outer corners to really deepen the look.

6. Taking the shade Enchanted again as well as the shade MT140 (which is a lighter green colour) from the Zoeva Palette, I blended them along my bottom lash line.

7. To highlight my inner corners, the shimmering champagne shade called Obsessed was dabbed on with a small brush which helped the makeup and my eyes pop a little more.

8. For liquid eyeliner, I used the NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner and created a large cat eye flick. For my lashes, I wore Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Waterproof Mascara and for kohl eyeliner, I used The Body Shop Smoky Eye Definer Pencil which I applied to my waterline.


For lipstick, I used the Colourpop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in Dopey. This is such a beautiful shade of mauve which has a purple undertone. I think this colour goes great with a dark eye look but would also go well with softer makeup too.

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette
Zoeva Matte Spectrum Palette

Other Products I’m Wearing

• Primer – Elf Mineral Face Primer

FoundationIllamasqua Skin Base Foundation 04

Contour – Too Faced Cocoa Contour

Powder – Kat Von D Lock it Powder in Translucent

Highlighter – Makeup Revolution Blush Palette Golden Sugar

Setting Spray – NYX Setting Spray Dewy Finish

Eyebrows – Sleek Dark Eyebrow Kit

I hope you like this look and thanks for reading!

Chelsea x

Instagram: chelseadaynes_


The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette – One of the most talked about beauty products of 2017. This is something I’ve wanted to get my hands on for ages and now, I FINALLY own it! When I first saw Jaclyn reveal this palette on her YouTube channel last June, I knew I had to have it! But when it went on sale last September in the U.K, it was constantly out of stock. Anyhow, months later I’m happy to have it soooo let’s talk about it!

The Packaging

I’m not going to lie, this palette is bloody huge! But then again, it does possess 35 different eyeshadow shades so it was never going to be small. Taking the palette out of the box (which has the same design on the front of it as the palette itself) and its protective bubble wrap, you can see the palette is simply designed with a sleek, white cardboard casing and writing on it presented in a beautiful silver colour. The inside of the palette says:

‘This palette is dedicated to all my loving subscribers, Xo Jaclyn’

I personally think this is such a lovely touch! I’ve watched Jaclyn Hill’s videos for years as I think she’s stunning, so talented and I feel her tutorials are easy to follow. It’s nice that she’s shown her appreciation to her followers through her product.

The names of the shades are located on the back of the palette as there was probably no room to label them underneath the eyeshadow pans. With them being on the back, it’s still means you can keep track of the colours you’re using relatively easy.

The Product

I’ve strangely never owned a Morphe palette before; it’s not that I haven’t wanted to but I think it may be because I do find the colours in their palettes quite ‘samey’ if that makes sense – the shades in the palette all look very similar. This particular palette on the other hand, has an array of stunning shades!

There is such a large variety of eyeshadow textures – matte, shimmer, foil, glitter and satin finishes! The colour selection is fab too! I love that you can go for simple looks or you can get creative and experiment with the more colourful and vibrant shades. There is a great mix of cool, neutral and warm tones so many combinations can be made with the shadows meaning you can create lots of different looks.

The pigmentation… oh the pigmentation of the shadows definitely do not disappoint! Morphe are known to have a great pigment payoff for their affordable price and now I see why! The shimmers in particular swatched beautifully! Some of the matte shades apply better than others if I’m honest; I found a few of the darker shades are harder to blend and need more work but the end result is still great. The glitter, foil and satin finishes seem to all apply really well and perform seamlessly. The shadows are pressed pigments and I was pleased to discover that there isn’t too much fallout. Fallout is so annoying as you kinda feel like some of the product is being wasted so minimal fallout is what you want. In terms of the formula and how it feels, I’d say pretty much all the shades feel creamy and almost buttery with the majority of them blending out flawlessly.

The Shades

Enlight – Cream.

Beam – Off white.

Silk Crème – Light beige.

M.F.E.O –Tan.

Faint – Shimmering beige.

Sissy – Salmon pink.

Little Lady – A bronzed pink.

Creamsicle – Bright yellow.

Butter – Deep yellow.

Pooter – Medium brown.

Pukey – A brown toned yellow.

Hunts – Burnt orange.

Firework – Shimmering orange.

Queen – Shimmering gold.

Obsessed – Shimmering champagne.

S.B.N – Shimmering light brown.

Hillster – Shimmering orange brown.

Roxanne – Orange.

Jacz – Auburn.

Buns – Pale brown.

Cranapple – Shimmering brown toned orange.

Royalty – Shimmering dark purple.

Twerk – Dark shimmering navy.

Hustle – Shimmering beige.

Meeks – Shimmering bronze.

24/7 – Shimmering brown.

Chip – Chocolate brown.

Mocha – Light brown.

Pool Party – Shimmering aqua.

Jada – Teal.

Diva – A shimmering blue grey.

Enchanted – Charcoal/Dark Green

Central Park – Dark brown.

Soda Pop – Deep brown/black.

Abyss – Black.


There are 7 shadows along each of the 5 rows. The swatches below are pictured by each row:

Row 1 – without flash
Row 1 – with flash
Row 2 – without flash
Row 2 – with flash
Row 3 – without flash
Row 3 – with flash
Row 4 – without flash
Row 4 – with flash
Row 5 – without flash
Row 5 – with flash

How gorgeous are they?!

The Price

I bought this palette from the Morphe U.K. website where it retails for £37 however, I used the code NIKKIE (courtesy of NikkieTutorials) which took 10% off making it £33.30 – Bargain!

It also retails on Beauty Bay for £37.

The Verdict

Unlike other Morphe palettes, this one does retail a bit pricier but when you take into consideration the range of colours, their amazing quality and the fact that it’s made in collaboration with a beauty legend, then you can see why.

All in all, I absolutely love this palette and cannot wait to use it more! I see what all the hype was about. I’ve only created two looks with it so far (but only took photos of one look, oops) which I will put up within the next few posts but I’m just so excited to get more creative with it!

What do you think of this palette?

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea x

Instagram: chelseadaynes_

Golden Eyes, Vampy Lips

Hey lovelies! I hope you all had a great weekend.

Today’s post is about my makeup look from my night out on Saturday. I opted for golden eyes and vampy lips. I love the contrast between the vibrant, warm toned eyeshadow and the dark lips as I think they pair up really well together.


I created the majority of this eye look with The Magic Palette by Juvias Place and was so happy that I was able to use my favourite shade in the palette which is Nubia (metallic gold).

1. Firstly, I used the shade Chic from my Tarte Tartiest Pro Amazonian Clay Palette to blend into my crease as my transition colour.

2. To darken the crease, the orange shades Nana and Zakiya from the Magic Palette were applied and blended in which started to bring some warmth to the look.

3. Using the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Fair Neutral and my Real Techniques Detailer Brush, I did a cut crease across about 3/4 of my lid.

4. This is when the eye makeup starts to come to life! Using my fingertip, I applied the shade Nubia to the cut crease and then used a brush to get into the inner corners and along the edge of the crease. This colour is sooo stunning! I love it!

5. Going back with the shade Zakiya, I patted a little bit of it over the end of the cut crease and blended it in. The shade Nana was applied to my outer corners and then taken into my crease again and also blended along my lower lash line.

6. The shade Vermeer from the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette was applied to the inner corners to brighten up the look even more and to highlight my eyes.

7. To finish the eye makeup, I used the liquid eyeliner and mascara from my Tarte Maneater Eye Duo Set and then The Body Shop Smoky Definer Pencil in Black for my water line.


How gorgeous is the colour of this lipstick?! Its Inglot’s HD Matte Lip Tint in 20. Its a very dark purple shade which is perfect for creating vampy lips. I personally prefer a dark lip as it helps make your lips appear fuller and attracts attention to them.

Other Products I’m Wearing 

Primer – Elf Mineral Face Primer

Foundation – Tarte Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation in Light – Medium Honey

Contour – Too Faced Cocoa Contour

Powder – Kat Von D Lock it Powder in Translucent

Highlighter – Iconic London Illuminator in Original

Setting Spray – Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Eyebrows – Sleek Dark Eyebrow Kit

I hope you like this look and thank you for reading!

Chelsea x

Instagram : chelseadaynes_

The Magic Palette by Juvia’s Place

Juvia’s Place is a brand that is well known for how pigmented and beautiful their eye-shadow palettes are so I was very excited to finally see for myself when I received The Magic Palette for Christmas. This is the palette I found the most appealing and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. So far, I’ve only created one look with it which I wore on NYE, if you’re interested in seeing it then you can find here.

The Packaging

The packaging is gorgeous! It has a pastel peach background with the Moon and the Sun goddesses illustrated on the front and inside of the palette and on the box. The box says this on the back:

“The Magic Palette was inspired by the Moon and the Sun goddesses of the wilds. A beautiful fusion of cool and warm tones. Vibrantly infused with 16 ultra pressed pigments, perfect for day to night time looks” 

When taking the palette out of the box, you’ll find its covered in a layer of bubble wrap which is great! This is to protect your palette during shipping and will prevent the pans from breaking.

The palette itself is a large, square shape and is made from strong cardboard. It is thin, sleek and feels pretty lightweight however due to its size, I can’t imagine it would be easy to travel with unless you’re carrying a large handbag or weekend bag.

The Product

As this palette is designed with the Moon and Sun goddesses as inspo, there is of course a really good selection of cool and warm tones as it states on the packaging, which I love!

There are 6 matte shades and 10 metallic shimmer shades in the palette. All of the colours are absolutely stunning! A lot of the time when I get a palette, there will be a shade or maybe even a few that I wont use but I genuinely think I would wear all of these! The only thing I was a bit dissatisfied with when it comes to the colours included in the palette was that there isn’t a proper transition shade. Due to the contrast in the tones of colours, I found that there isn’t really a neutral shade to build your eye looks on. The closest colour to a transition shade is Nana although this colour is still rather warm toned for it. Despite this minor problem, I do adore the colour selection in the palette.

The colour payoff is fab, especially on the shimmer shades. I was a bit unsure with the pigmentation of the matte shades when I first swatched them as they’re not as pigmented as the shimmers however, once I applied the shade Yejide to my lid and blended it in (the matte navy shade I used for my NYE makeup), I was pleasantly surprised with how well it performed. The matte shades seem very buidable and a little definitely goes a long way. When I applied the shimmers, I was simply blown away by how gorgeous they are! They feel really creamy and blend out so easily. I find the payoff is better if you use your fingertip rather than a brush but obviously a brush is needed for the bits you can’t get to. The shimmers can also be applied wet with a setting spray which will intensify the pigment but I’m already so shook with how they look, how can they be more pigmented?!

I was so happy to find that there is very little fallout. These shadows, as stated on the packaging, are ‘ultra pressed pigments’ and you can tell for sure that they are! I’ve never had a palette before where there is next to nothing fallout when dipping my brush/ fingertip into the pan, I know that I’ll be getting the most out of the product with minimal waste.

The Shades

Nubia – Metallic yellow gold.

Zakiya – Matte orange toned red.

Osun – Pale metallic pink.

Kesi – Matte beige.

Zuba – Metallic medium pink.

Nana –Matte orange toned brown.

Boronu – Metallic bronze gold.

Kogi – Matte red.

Faso – Duochrome lilac.

Aja – Metallic khaki green.

Vai – Metallic dark grey.

Yemoja – Light metallic grey.

Ife – Deep matte purple.

Yara – Metallic turquoise.

Buzo – Metallic green.

Yejide – Matte navy.


Let’s get on with the swatches and what the shadows actually look like on the skin.

The top two rows of the palette are the warm tones and the bottom two rows are the cool tones. I’ve taken pics with and without flash so that you can get a better feel for what they look like under different lighting conditions.

Without flash
With flash
Without flash
With flash

Just look them! So beaut! I think Nubia and Faso may be my favourite shades so I can’t wait to wear these in particular.

The Price

The palette retails for £30 on Beauty Bay which I think is a great price for an eyeshadow product with 16 shades and of this quality.

The Verdict

Overall, I absolutely love this palette! I think the colour selection is incredible and so unique. The shades can be worn on a variety of different skin tones and you can wear them on their own or get creative and wear a combination of colours. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a colourful and vibrant palette to add to their makeup collection. I can now see the hype and obsession with this palette and why so many people rave about it.

What are your views on this palette?

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea x

Instagram: chelseadaynes_

My NYE Makeup ✨

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!


I hope you all had a fab New Years Eve, whatever you got up to! Me and my husband had a lovely evening and went out for dinner and drinks. We decided to take it easy this NYE and for the first time since we’ve been together, we chose to spend it just us two.

Onto the makeup! I FINALLY got the chance to use my Magic Palette by Juvia’s Place! I’ve wanted this palette for soooo long and was so happy when I received it for Christmas! I’ve heard the pigmentation of these shadows are suppose to be the best and I couldn’t wait to see for myself! (Review of the palette is coming soon)

I went for a pretty bold look and went straight for the blue shades in the palette. I wanted to wear my silver plisse top and my new navy tassel earrings so I thought a blue eye look would go quite well.

1. Firstly, I used the shade Password from my Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette as my transition colour. Password is a fairly dark shade to start off with to be honest but I thought it would fit well with the blues I was going to blend in on top.

2. Next, I took the shade Yejide which is the dark but vibrant matte blue shade in the the Magic Palette and blended it into my crease (I know the photo of the palette doesn’t do the shade justice, but it’s much more vibrant when it’s on the skin). As this is such a deep colour, I literally dabbed the tiniest amount on my brush and built it up slowly with lots of blending, using very small circular motions; once you mess up with a dark shade, it can be difficult to fix it so it’s better to gradually apply the product to the lid.

3. I then used the Shape Tape Concealer that I also received for Christmas, and my Real Techniques Detailer Brush to create a half cut crease. I then used the double ended brush that came with my ABH Modern Renaissance Palette to tap on top of the concealer to help set it.

4. The shade that was used on top of the cut crease was Yemoja which is a beautiful shimmery silver/light blue colour. I used my finger to apply most of the shadow onto my lid to get the best colour pay off and then used a brush for a more precise application along the edges.

5. Next, the shimmer shade Vai was applied to the middle of my cut crease to darken it which started to create the ombre effect I desired.

6. Then, the darkest shimmer shade called Aja was put on my outer corner. Can I just say, all of these shimmer shades are gorgeous! They really helped to achieve the faded, blended blue smoky eye look I wanted.

7. Going back in with the matte shade Yejide, I applied it to my outer corners and blended it in, taking it into my crease. This shade was also blended along the bottom lash line with the shade Yemoja highlighting the inner corner of my eyes.

8. I used the liner from the Tarte Maneater Eye Duo Set that I also received for Christmas to create my cat-eye eyeliner look, aswell as the mascara. I looove these products! I curled my lashes and then applied the GWA Swept Away False Lashes and The Body Shop Smoky Eye Definer Pencil was worn on my water line to make my eye makeup darker.

As the eye makeup was very bold and I didn’t want the attention to be drawn away from it, I opted for a nude lipstick. I used the shade Honey from my Tarte Limitless Lippies Creamy Matte Lip Paint Set

Other Makeup I’m Wearing:

Primer: NYX Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer

Foundation: Tarte Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation in Light – Medium Honey

Concealer: Shape Tape Contour Concealer in Fair Neutral

Contour: Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit in Light

Powder: Kat Von D ‘Lock It’ Setting Powder in Translucent

Eyebrows: Sleek Makeup Eyebrow Kit in Dark & NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel

Highlighter: Iconic London Illuminator in Original

Setting Spray: NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray

Thanks for reading and I hope you like this look!

Chelsea x

Instagram: chelseadaynes_

The Body Shop Vitamin E Skin Care Review

Today I’ll be reviewing a few products from the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop. I’ve heard lots of good things about their skin care products and for Christmas, my best friend bought me some.

Vitamin E has many benefits for the skin:

• it has antioxidant properties that help fight off free radicals that damage your skin, helping to make skin look and feel younger and help reverse the signs of ageing.

• it strengthens and protects skin and reduces inflammation especially after exposure to UV radiation, keeping it healthy and smooth.

• it provides hydration for skin and restores moisture, which is particularly great for dry skin.

As well as Vitamin E, these products are also formulated with Wheatgerm Oil which is another moisturising nutrient, helping to repair damaged skin cells and prevent scarring.

Gentle Facial Wash

Facial cleansing is the first step to clean, refreshed skin. This face wash in particular is great for minimising the appearance of impurities and moisturising the skin. It is a balanced formula that doesn’t increase the oiliness in my skin and provides hydration for my dry areas. As this face wash is gentle, it is especially good for sensitive skin as it contains natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Pour a little bit into your hands and apply to a wet face, massaging it in circular motions then rinse off and dab your face with a towel. You can also use it with a sonic facial brush although I wouldn’t recommend using one if you have extra sensitive or damaged skin. I use this with my No.7 Cleansing Brush to exfoliate my skin at the same time.

Hydrating Toner

This is the next step after cleansing although many people leave this stage out of their skin care regime. Toning your skin is important as it removes any excess dirt and remaining face wash that is left on your face after cleansing. It also helps to soothe and nourish skin which provides a better base for applying makeup. This toner is a hydrating toner which makes skin feel even fresher and restores its pH balance, keeping skin healthier for longer. Simply pour a little bit onto a cotton pad and smooth all over your face.

Moisture Cream

This should be used after cleansing and toning, its the last step of my skin care routine. Taking a very small amount, I dab a bit on my cheeks, nose, forehead and chin and rub it in all over my face in small, circular motions. What I love about this moisturiser is how easily it absorbs into the skin and doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky or tacky; it hydrates and leaves skin looking fresh and healthy. I love the feel of the formula too, it’s so lightweight and creamy and has a whipped like texture to it. This product also contains hyluronic acid which helps maximise collagen levels in the skin. This aids in maintaining skins elasticity and keeps it feeling plump.

I’ve been using all 3 products as part of my daily skin care routine since Christmas which I know isn’t very long, but I have already noticed an improvement in my skin. It feels so much smoother and more nourished.

I would definitely recommend these products! They are suitable for any skin type be that oily, normal or dry. I have areas of both oily and dry skin on my face and it works great!

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea x

Instagram: chelseadaynes_

Makeup and Beauty Gifts I Received for Christmas

Hey lovelies, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!

I just thought I’d write this post and show those who are interested, what beauty products I got for Christmas. I’ve been reading other people’s blog posts and I’ve found it really interesting seeing what gifts they have received. Just as a disclaimer, this isn’t a chance for me to brag, its a way of showing what products I will be wearing, using and more than likely, reviewing in future posts.

I’ll start from Left to Right:

• Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Fair Neutral

• The Body Shop Eyelash Curlers

• Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liner in Grind

• The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner

• The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturiser Cream

• The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash

• The Body Shop Gold Glitter Dust

• Juvias Place The Magic Eye-shadow Palette (I’ve waited so long for this, ahh!)

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Maneater Duo Set

• Lush I Love Juicy Shampoo 100g

• Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel 500g

• Baby Balmi Lip Balm in Vanilla

• The Body Shop Smoky Eye Definer Pencil

• No.7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush and 2 extra brush heads (I’m aware that the No.7 brand isn’t cruelty free however, it was a gift and I believe the brush itself doesn’t contain ingredients or materials that would include cruelty to animals).

All in all, I can’t wait to use these products and review them!

Here are the other presents I received if you are interested:

• An Antique Style Vanity Table, Mirror and Stool set in Duck Egg Blue (which I can’t wait to build as this will be my new set up for all my makeup!)

• Vivienne Westwood Silver Studded Earrings

• A Faux Leather Black Fiorelli Backpack Bag

• An Amazon Kindle Fire 7 Tablet

• A Silver Layered Necklace from Topshop

• A Pair of Blue Tassel Earrings from New Look

• Christmas Socks

• Two Food and Drink Hampers to share between me and my Husband

• Lots of Sweets and Chocolate!

Thanks for reading! I’m so grateful for all my presents. I hope you were happy with the gifts you received this Christmas.

Chelsea x

Christmas Day Makeup


Today’s post is a brief one as it is Christmas Day after all (to be honest I wrote most of it yesterday). I’ve decided to go for simple but festive makeup; a classic brown eye look with a red lip.


For my eye makeup, I’ve used my Tarte Tartiest Pro Amazonian Clay Palette and my Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette to create a basic and neutral look that is very easy to recreate.

1. First, taking the shade Bold from the Tarte palette, I blended it into my crease as this is my transition colour.

2. The shade Whiskey from the UD Smoky Palette was applied to my eyes and blended all over to darken the lid.

3. To highlight my eyes a bit and bring some brightness to them, I applied High from the same palette to my inner corners.

4. I then took the Marc Jacobs Gel Eyeliner and applied that to my waterline. I did a cat eye liner look (as usual) using my NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner and Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara was applied to my top and bottom lashes.


For lips, I used the shade Juicy from my Tarte Tartiest Limitless Lippies Creamy Lip Paint set

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a fab Christmas!

Chelsea x

Fluffy vs Instagram Brows

Eyebrow trends are always changing, there are so many different ways as to how you can shape your brows that are considered fashionable. My two favourite styles are Fluffy brows and Instagram brows which are both very contrasting; one is messy and bold and the other is neat and polished. I thought I’d share how I create these looks on myself and do a tutorial on each of them.

For both these looks, I wore the Sleek Eyebrow Kit in Dark on my brows.

Fluffy Brows

I adore fluffy brows! I think they look fierce, quite androgynous (depending on how bold and fluffy you make them) and trendy, all at the same time. I’m seeing more and more makeup artists and vloggers lean towards doing this style now as I think it is getting increasingly popular. I’ll do a fluffy brow look when I want my makeup to be more playful and different, although if I’m honest I don’t do it very often. I definitely want to change that though as I do love this trend!

To create fluffy brows, I first took the wax side of the eyebrow kit and drew a line along the bottom of my brow to shape it.

I then took my Morphe MB29 Spoolie and applying some pressure, brushed my hairs upwards from the bottom of the brow and continued doing this until I reached the end of it. This helps spread the product through the brow and darkens them.

I took the clear gel from my Collection Eyebrow Kit – Brunette and brushed that through, still doing upwards strokes which helps keep it all staying fluffy.

I then used some of the wax product and the angled brush to do tiny strokes throughout the brow to make them look more full.

Finally, to shape the brow better, it should be carved underneath with a concealer or cream product. I used my Real Techniques Detailer Brush and the shade Neutral from my Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit to do this.

Instagram Brows

Instagram brows (aptly named because they photograph well) are also known as faded brows; they are when brows are lighter and more sparse looking at the beginning section and then get darker towards the end. They are a MASSIVE trending style of brow and probably the most popular. Instagram brows tend to be my go to when doing my makeup. They are strong, defined and have a polished look about them. I love the way they can enhance your natural brow shape and really make your makeup come together.

To achieve this look, I used the wax side of the eyebrow kit and the angled brush to draw along the top and bottom of the brow, following its natural shape to define it.

Next, I took my Spoolie brush and pushed the product through the brow in small, upward motions but rather than doing this to the whole brow, I only did it in the beginning section.

Taking the powder side of the eyebrow kit and the blending brush, I applied this to the middle and end sections to make it darker and create a faded effect.

Lastly, the brow was carved out from underneath using the RT Detailer Brush and the shade Neutral from the ABH Cream Contour Kit. This accentuates the arch of the brow and gives it the clean cut shape.

Which one is your favourite?

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea x

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