Wardrobe Staple: Coated Skinny Jeans


I just love the feeling you get when you find an outfit that you adore and feel great in; it’s a real confidence boost! It’s also even better when you find a piece of clothing that will go with pretty much anything.

A fashion staple piece is something you need to have in your wardrobe, an essential, an item of clothing that can make any outfit look amazing. If you’re struggling to find this then look no further! Black coated skinny jeans are the perfect fashion staple piece!

I purchased the ‘Vice High Waisted Coated Skinny Jeans Black’ from Missguided a few weeks ago and I can’t stop wearing them! The high waisted cut is great for accentuating your bum and defining your figure. The coated material gives the jeans somewhere in between a leathery and a PU feel and looks super stylish! The inside of the jeans are really nice and comfy and almost don’t feel like jeans, more like trousers. They can be worn during the day with a chunky knit jumper and boots, a pretty top and mules or a casual tee and trainers for example. Alternatively, they can be worn at night with a sparkly top and heels if you wanted to dress them up more. They are so incredibly easy to style and you can get a variety of different outfits out of them so at just £25, they’re a steal! Missguided nearly always have some kind of discount on their site aswell which definitely helps, so keep your eyes peeled!

Top – Missy Empire

Mules – Peacocks

Coat – New Look

Bag – Fiorelli

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea x

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The coated jeans I’m wearing can be found here:



My New Favourite Cruelty- Free Foundation: Tarte Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation


Today’s post is a review about my new favourite foundation! I struggle so much to find foundations that work for my ridiculously awkward skin type but this one is incredible!

Before switching to cruelty-free in summer ’16, the Estée Lauder Double-Wear foundation was my holy grail. Since then, I’ve found a very small amount of great foundations that suit my skin type but this Tarte one is the best so far!

What’s unusual about this product is unlike most foundations, which come in the form of a bottle, this one comes in a jar. The jar itself has luxe frosted packaging with a stunning reflective gold lid and a purple chevron like design on it. At first I was unsure about how the product was contained, ‘foundation in a jar?! Surely that will be messy and be hard to measure how much I need?’ Well, I bought the custom brush that was designed especially for this foundation and it’s amazing! The brush has a round, angled head with super soft bristles on one end and a spatula on the other end. The spatula is incredibly useful at measuring out how much of the product is needed and helps prevent waste and mess; you only need to apply a few tiny scoops of it to the forehead, chin and cheeks and this will achieve a flawless, full coverage look once buffed all over into the skin. It gives a smooth application and helps blur out my fine lines and pores. I’d usually use my Real Techniques Complexion Beauty Sponge because I haven’t got on with foundation brushes in the past as I used to find they’d leave my face more streaky but not this one!

I have oily skin everywhere except my nose which is really dry and looks flakey with a lot of foundations I’ve tried. Moisturising and priming my face definitely helps but when I apply foundation, it can look cakey. This Tarte foundation is a miracle worker! I’m only interested in wearing foundations that are full coverage but that can be difficult with dry skin. I find this foundation doesn’t cling to my dry patches and applies flawlessly on my face. The foundation has a gel consistency which gives the appearance of healthy, glowing skin once blended into your face; it also has hyaluronic acid in the formula which helps retain moisture and increases the skins collagen levels. The foundation doesn’t make the rest of my face look more oily because of all the moisture in it as it’s an oil-free product, it just makes it dewy which is the finish I prefer in a foundation.

I’m in the shade Light – Medium Honey

There are only two negatives I have to say about this foundation:

1. The smell of the foundation isn’t the nicest, it kinda smells like Play-Doh

2. I found after about 6-7 hours of wear, the foundation did start to settle into my smile lines a bit. This can be resolved by dabbing your finger on your smile lines to manipulate the product in that area and then apply a thin layer of setting powder on top.

Overall, this foundation is beautiful and I know it’s going to last me ages because I can measure out so easily how much I need with the spatula end of the brush. The formula and consistency of the foundation feels amazingly creamy and blends well on my skin. I think it’s going to be hard to find a foundation to top it for me!

Thanks for reading and I hope this review is useful!

Chelsea x

Instagram: @chelseadaynes_

You can find the foundation and brush here:



How I Style: Checked Skirt


So, this is my first fashion post! I thought I’d start with this outfit; it’s rather autumnal and wintery and can be worn during the day or to casual evening events (I wore this outfit to the cinema with friends).

I work literally a few shops away from a Peacocks store and thought I’d pop in there on my lunch break a couple of weeks ago and have a look. I was so impressed! They have such great range of A/W clothing in there at the moment! I saw the skirt and instantly fell in love! I’ve wanted a checked skirt for a while now as I know that checked prints are in this season but I’ve been hesitant to buy one as I’ve wanted to make sure the material was of good quality. I’ve put a few different checked print skirts in my basket on boohoo.com many times but as much as I love their site, I find some of their skirts can have poor quality, made with a thin material. This skirt from Peacocks feels lovely and soft and is a thick material, making it warmer and more comfortable on my body. It almost feels woolly!

The turtleneck top I’m wearing is very comfortable and feels lightweight – the only negative with this top is that it is quite see-through but I’m sure it would be fine if worn with a nude coloured bra. The fit is great and as the top is a cream colour, it means it can easily be styled with many outfits choices.

This coat is one of my favs! It’s so warm and cosy and looks very stylish. I can wear it with most outfits and I just love the camel brown colour. I bought this coat a few years ago and it’s lasted so well considering how much I wear it.

These block heeled patent shoes are boot-i-ful! (See what I did there). The shine gives them a luxe look and helps make any outfit appear more trendy.

Skirt – Peacocks

Top – Peacocks

Coat – Missguided

Boots – New Look

Tights – M&S


Thanks for reading! Let me know how you style check prints

Chelsea x

Instagram: @chelseadaynes_

7 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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Today’s post is about some beauty hacks that I personally find really useful and wanted to share with you to make your lives that little bit easier when it comes to makeup.

Vaseline as brow gel

Vaseline is such an all-round versatile product, it has so many uses. If you’ve run out of brow gel, petroleum jelly works wonders and is a great substitute. Simply take a Spoolie and brush the product through the brows and this will keep them in place for the day.


Using tape as a guide for your winged eyeliner

Us girls know how annoying it can be when we don’t get our eyeliner right. Using tape is a great way to ensure your winged eyeliner is a perfect, sharp shape. When applying the tape, place it level with your lower lash line and angle it towards the end of your brow. Using your eyeliner pen/brush, draw a line along the edge of the tape and once the shape is created, fill it in. If the product gets on the tape then its fine as you will be peeling it off anyway.




(Excuse the state of my brows and lack of foundation)

Get the illusion of plumper, more defined lips using concealer

Everyone wants full lips so for those who wish they could make them look bigger, this one’s for you. Highlighting the central part of your lips gives them dimension, this can be done using a light shade of concealer. Apply a tiny dab of the product to the middle section of your top and bottom lip and blend outwards with your fingertip (this works best when your hands are warm!). Using your finger provides a natural application and blend although a lip brush works well too. Finish with a nude lip gloss or if you’re wearing a lipstick, apply that first and then do the concealer on top. Voila! Beautiful plump looking lips!



Avoid lipstick teeth

It’s an embarrassing feeling when you’ve put on your lipstick, someone makes you smile and then they tell you that you have lipstick all over your teeth. Doh! To prevent this from happening, put your thumb about halfway into your mouth after applying your lippy then close it. Pull your thumb out with your mouth still shut, this will take off the colour on the inside of your lips, stopping it from getting on your teeth. I’d recommend probably doing this hack in private…


DIY gel eyeliner

After some time, some kohl eyeliner pencils can become dry and lose their ability to give a nice, smooth finish on the waterline, turning rather thin and hard to apply. Using a lighter (please be careful!), heat up the tip of your liner for about 2 seconds and let it cool for 15 seconds. This warms up the formula and gives it a thicker consistency, gliding onto the waterline of your eye a lot easier.



Eyeshadow as highlighter

Yes, that’s right! Using a shimmery eyeshadow acts as a great highlighter. Make sure you choose an eyeshadow that isn’t glittery as this won’t give that glowy effect that a highlighter should. Apply the eyeshadow with your fingertips onto the cheekbones, brow bone, bridge/tip of nose and Cupid’s bow and then blend in with a brush. Opt for gold, white or peach colours to really make your face glisten! Below, I used the shade Vermeer from my ABH Modern Renaissance palette which gave me a poppin’ highlight! Primavera is another shimmer eyeshadow that can also be found in this palette; it is golden toned and provides such a gorgeous glow to your face.




Make your own custom lipstick with eyeshadow and Vaseline

Found that perfect eyeshadow shade that you wish could be a lipstick too? Well you can make it yourself! ‘How?!’ I hear you say! Using a Spoolie brush, scrape a few layers of the eyeshadow you’ve chosen (a bit heartbreaking, I know) into a spoon, take a little bit of petroleum jelly and mix it in with your pigment. Use a lip brush to apply to lips and there you go! This is fun to do with duo-chrome shades if you wanted to try a different kind of look. Here I’ve taken the shade Angelic, a beautiful pink and gold pigment, from the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Textured Palette and made a lipstick from it.




Hope you enjoyed this post and find it useful!

Chelsea x

Instagram: @chelseadaynes_